“A God­send

Rachelle has been my “light at the end of a very dark tun­nel”. I was recently diag­nosed with Celi­acs and Fibromyal­gia to go along with my Hypothy­roidism and liver issues. Enter my Health and Well­ness Men­tor.  Rachelle has been a God­send! Rachelle has made the over­whelm­ing task I face less daunt­ing. 

-- J.N.

My stomach pain has subsided!”

My decision to start the detox was two-fold…one was to hopefully find a way to eliminate my stomach/gas pain after eating and the second was to become healthier/lose weight.  There are no pills or strange dietary limitations. It has been an amazing two weeks.  My stomach pain has subsided and I know this is a jumpstart to a healthier, stronger body.  Thanks Rachelle!!!  



Rachelle THANK YOU for this detox! I've never done anything like it. All the resources you provided...priceless.  I am now 4 days NO PAIN!!! PRAISING GOD & THANKING Him for you!!! GLADLY giving your name to others for future detoxes. 


“I feel good.”

I also dropped 9 lbs., but more importantly, I feel good. My energy is up, my skin feels and looks better, and I feel like I sleep so much better (which I'm sure correlates with the energy). My favorite part about detox is that when I start transitioning back, I find it so much easier to control my portions because I can feel "full" without overeating. Plus I love all of the new recipes that I can incorporate into my regular cooking. 



Very knowl­edge­able.”

Rachelle is awe­some! She is very knowl­edge­able about a vari­ety of top­ics includ­ing clean eat­ing, nat­ural reme­dies to every­day ail­ments, and weight loss/gain plan­ning

-- M.S.

Reducing my high blood pressure meds

The Detox program and my renewed commitment to my health have paid off in spades! I went to the doctor today for my annual wellness check...Not only was she impressed with my significant weight loss as a result of my healthier lifestyle changes, she rewarded my efforts by reducing my high blood pressure meds to basically what amounts to a water pill! 


"I have met each goal I have set"

I think about the choices I make.  I have goals for my weight, my body shape and my over­all health. I used to eat when I was bored or stressed, now I eat to nur­ture my body for my future and my health. I focus on giv­ing my body energy.  

It feels great to accom­plish a goal and cre­ate a new one to work towards.  I was in a plateau, work­ing with Rachelle has helped me move for­ward.  I am mak­ing improve­ments, I am see­ing changes in my body, and I feel bet­ter inside and out. 

I have met each goal I have set, and cre­ate new ones, and I am work­ing to meet those.  I would refer Rachelle to fam­ily and friends.  She is hon­est, she loves what she does, and she lives it. She has a vested inter­est in my suc­cess. She is very gen­uine and that is impor­tant to me.