Hi, I'm Rachelle

I’m a Phoenix based Fitness Professional.  Having worked out and been involved in fitness for the past 25 years, I was able to turn my passion into my life’s work over 5 years ago.  During that time, I have helped hundreds change their life through fitness and nutrition at one of the largest boot camps in AZ.  I help clients make healthy lifestyle changes that are easily manageable and sustainable.  Not to mention, leading the way in workouts that are designed to change your body, your mindset and overall, your life!

In addition to being a Certified Group Instructor, Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor, I’m also a Certified Health Coach graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  The key to real success is combining fitness and nutrition for overall, complete wellness.  As the saying goes, you can’t out exercise a bad diet!  You also need to have a fitness routine that drives lean muscle development and revs up the metabolism!  

But exercise doesn’t have to be torture - and eating well doesn’t have to be boring!  I bring excitement, fun and results to both pieces of the puzzle.  

When I’m not teaching others to take care of their health, I’m a mother and wife.  I enjoy hiking, trail running, working out, crafts, and the occasional yoga class.  Okay, okay - I don’t really enjoy yoga but I know I need it and I’m committed to becoming more flexible to help with the other areas of fitness that I do love!  ;)

What do I do when I’m “working”?  (It’s not work if you love what you do!)  

  • I teach Group Fitness Classes
  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • 1:1 Health Coaching - teaching you how to fuel your body for maximum performance in all areas
  • Seasonal Group Detoxes - Get rid of the junk, reset the system, learn about food allergies, complete clean eating program

I would love to talk to you about setting you on the right track for having the best life you can have!  You don’t have to settle for feeling blah and exhausted.  There’s more to life than just getting through the day.  Yes, it takes work.  But I have the road map.  Are you ready to take care of YOU??  Let’s go!