Wash Your Produce! (Homemade Veggie Wash)

When it comes to fruits and veg­gies, whether from the store or farmer’s mar­ket, let’s face it; they need a bath! The pes­ti­cide resid­u­als, the dirt, the organic mate­r­ial (as in, manure), the pack­ag­ing and han­dling; all this makes for some dirty produce!

If you’re buy­ing con­ven­tional pro­duce, wash­ing the pro­duce will not wash away the pes­ti­cides that have con­t­a­m­i­nated the item. But it will wash off any­thing that is on the sur­face; and that includes a lot of dirt and germs. Organic pro­duce, while not hav­ing the pes­ti­cides, still have a host of dirt and germs that should not be ingested.

Here’s a list of the Dirty Dozen (those you should always buy organic as they are most sat­u­rated with pes­ti­cides) and the Clean Fif­teen (those items that the pes­ti­cides do not pen­e­trate, or at least not as much or as deep as the items on the Dirty Dozen). 


Dirty Dozen, Clean 15

You can buy fruit and veg­etable cleaner at the store, but it’s very easy to make your own at home.

You can soak your fruit and veg­gies a sink filled half way up with water, adding one cup of apple cider or white vine­gar. (Make sure your sink is very clean before you start.) Do not over­fill the sink with items, make sure there is room for the fruit or veg­eta­bles to move freely. Let soak for 10 min­utes. Remove and dry off. Ready to eat!

You can also use a spray bot­tle and fill it water along with a vari­ety of items. I added a graphic I found on Pin­ter­est so that you could print and cut it out for handy ref­er­ence. I typ­i­cally just mix water with white vine­gar and lemon juice, but of course you can get fancier. It all depends on your preference.

Remem­ber to wash the out­side of mel­ons and any item that you will be cut­ting through. If you don’t, the knife will become con­t­a­m­i­nated and carry the dirt and germs through­out the item. 

The key is to make sure you have clean fruit and veg­gies ready to eat. Oth­er­wise, you may tempted to grab some­thing not so healthy. Cheers to good health and clean produce!