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Health and Well­ness Men­tor 


I’m Rachelle Klei­monCer­tified Health Coach & Fit­ness Instruc­tor. I love work­ing with peo­ple to help them feel their best and love their life!!  I want to share the knowl­edge of eat­ing well and the power of tak­ing con­trol of your health.  No fad diets, pills or shakes to buy, and no magic potions!  


Real Food. Real Change. Real Results.

Are you…

  • Feel­ing run down?
  • Too tired to enjoy life?
  • Feel­ing that food is the enemy?
  • Sit­ting on the couch let­ting life pass you by?
  • Ready to change your life?

 You can!…

  • Learn to lis­ten to your body
  • Deter­mine what foods nour­ish you
  • Feel bet­ter and become stronger
  • Take con­trol of your health!


As a Cer­ti­fied Health Coach, I’ll help you dis­cover the foods that heal you, that ener­gize you, and that fuel you. Work­ing with me, you’ll learn 

that the scale is only one fac­tor in the equa­tion and is not an indi­ca­tion of health. Together, we’ll learn to deal with trig­ger points that can lead to emo­tional eat­ing, learn which foods will help you get to your goals and which 

will lead you back down the same path you’ve not be able to escape, and you WILL take con­trol of your health!

You are worth it! You are worth the time and effort to feel bet­ter, look bet­ter, and BE bet­ter! You DESERVE great health! And you can have it!

Con­tact me for a FREE 15 minute con­sul­ta­tion on how we can work together to get you on the right track — the track to feel­ing better!

Email: info@HealthandWellnessMentor.com

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