Small Group &
Corporate Training

I specialize in creating motivational, fun and functional fitness programs including:

  • Boot Camp
  • HIIT
  • Tabata
  • TRX
  • Abs & Booty
  • Guns & Buns
  • Cardio & Strength Combo

Private Training

Working together, I can help you:

  • Set goals that you can acheive from any fitness level
  • Get back into shape even if you've taken time off, had an injury, or child birth
  • Reduce body fat and create lean body mass
  • Improve core strength, lean out the mid-section, and reduce lower back pain
  • Make a total lifestyle change and create long-lasting healthy habits
  • Motivate and inspire you to get fit and stay that way at any age

Health Coaching

As a Certified Health Coach, I will:

  • Help you set goals
  • Design weekly meals
  • Educate and review macronutrient intake
  • Provide quick, easy & delicious recipes that will make meal prep a breeze
  • Help you discover new foods and natural supplements to fuel your body to perform
  • Offer seasonal clean eating detox programs to get rid of the junk, identify allergies, and continue the path of eating, clean whole foods